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Thread: Welcome to the Monster Guts Forum.

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    Welcome to the Monster Guts Forum.

    Greetings Monster Makers.

    Welcome to the new Monster Guts Forum!

    Who are we?

    Jason and I are the current owners of Monster Guts. We took over Monster Guts, from Dean Davis, in 2014 and have been slowing building it up to bring you new and exciting things. We started with a site overhaul, added new and exciting products ,like our best selling 3-axis skull kit, and now we have launched our own forum.

    Our goal for the forum is to create a fun and friendly environment to share all things Halloween. We are die hard Halloweenies and live it 365 days of the year. The forum will be our home base where we will be sharing new tutorials and project ideas with you. But we want to see what you are creating too. We hope that you will share your passion with us here as well.

    Thanks for dropping in!

    Happy Haunting.

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    Hello and thank you

    I am a scientist and have been giving lectures to young students for decades. I recently built a Van de Graff generator to teach students about plasma, lightning and static electricity. Last year I bought your 3 axis skull kit and incorporated It into my lecture. The children absolutely loved it. If you would like to see the second lecture where the 3 axis skull describes plasma to the children you may go to the following you tube link You may see all four lectures (the first three use your skull) at the YouTube channel - Cajun Science. I really think you will enjoy it.

    Thank you again for producing a really easy to assemble skull kit. We will be using it again for several new lectures during this upcoming school year.

    Andy at Cajun Science

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    That's so amazing. What a great way to engage your students. Thank you so much for sharing!

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