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    Sound files

    Forgive me if this is a dumb question. Just built my first pneumatic rig thanks to the help of the fine people from Monsterguts. Just bought a PC4 prop controller and have no idea how to download/create sound files to work with the prop controller. I have a MacBook, an SD card reader but have no idea how and where to find and/or create the types of sound files necessary to scare some TOTs. Any assistance from more tech savvy forum members would be greatly appreciated. Forgive my amateurishness in advance. Thanks.
    PS: If it helps any Im working on a The Ring prop. A well where Samara violently pops up with pneumatics.

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    Getting the original sound files to work with is the tricky part. There are many free sources of sound fx online you can try, but generally you would need to edit them to be the length / duration you would want. There are some sound libraries you could purchase, but those tend to be expensive.

    I will tell you that Monster Guts is currently working on a "Scare" sound fx library that is a digital download (already in MP3 format) and you can either purchase the whole in-expensive library or purchase just the single audio track you want. There will be online samples you can listen to so you can make sure it is the sound you want before you purchase it for download. These scare sound fx libraries will be available in about a month.

    As far as encoding audio files into MP3 format (if you find an audio sound in another format) for the PC-2 or PC-4 prop controllers on your Mac computer, there are a bunch of FREE encoder here:

    There are some "purchase" ones as well, but a lot of the free ones are quite good.

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