Greetings Monster Makers. I thought it would be a great idea to share some of our favorite tricks and tips when building props. Please feel free to add your favorite ones here.

I will start off with...protect your investments.

When building outdoor props, it is really important to protect your prop's "guts" from the weather. All power supplies , PWM Speed Controllers and prop boards should be protected. They are not weather proof. Excess dew, rain, snow, etc may cause them to fail.

For battery packs, be sure to protect the battery pack as well as the connections.

Luckily, there is a cheap and easy hack. TUPPERWARE! Yup, raid that jumble in the kitchen cabinet and viola...weatherproofing can now commence.

Looking for something a little more heavy duty? Check these out.

Amazon - SOCKiT BOX FL-1859-200 Small Weatherproof Powercord Connection Box 20044; Black

Farm Innovators Model CC-2 Cord Connect Water-Tight Cord Lock - Green