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PMW Pulse Motor Controller + Recorder

PMW Pulse Motor Controller + Recorder

Introducing the BEST 12VDC wiper motor pulse controller ever made! Created and designed by "haunters" FOR "haunters", this wiper motor controller has all the key features ANY haunter would want!

The PMW Motor controller allows you to control the speed and direction of DC motors such as wiper motors and linear actuators. It can also be used to control the brightness of LEDs. The PMW control provides smooth quite operation at any speed without the loss of torque associated with controlling motor speed by varying the voltage.

The record function allows you to record up to 8 minutes of actions and then play back the entire sequence when a trigger is detected from a sensor such as a switch or PIR motion sensor. The controller will always play the entire sequence even if another trigger occurs while the sequence is playing. There are inputs for both high-active (5V - 12V) and low-active triggers so almost any trigger device can be made to work with this controller. The controller is rated for loads up to 5A continuous and 10A peak.

What makes this wiper motor BETTER than all the others out there are the robust built-in features. This is the FIRST wiper motor controller to not only offer program / record-ability, but also has a triggering feature BUILT-IN, eliminating the need for an additional relay or prop controller to activate the recorded sequence.

In addition, once you have recorded you specific sequence for playback, you can set the wiper motor at a constant set speed that will continue to run the motor at a certain speed BEFORE and AFTER the sequence is triggered to play back. In other words, you can have your prop / motor running at a slow constant speed, and then suddenly "come alive" when triggered, bringing interactivity to your prop and not have a "dead" prop waiting to move.


  • Controls 12V DC motors or LEDs up to 5 amps continuous (10 amps peak)
  • High speed PMW signal provides smooth, quiet operation at all speeds with no loss of torque
  • Controls both speed and direction for DC motors such as wiper motors
  • Record feature allows recording of sequences up to 8 min long
  • Lock-out switch to avoid accidentally erasing your programming
  • Recorded sequence plays back with button or trigger input
  • Always plays full sequence before another trigger is recognized
  • Constant motor speed can be set for 'ambient mode' to power motor at a set speed before recorded sequence is trigger
  • Indicator LEDs to show Power On, Record/Play Modes and Fault
  • On-board heat-sink to prevent fault / overheating
  • Won't "shut down" or "reset" from rapid back and forth motor direction
  • Power inputs are reverse polarity protected
  • Uses 2.1mm x 5.5mm 12VDC plug connector OR terminal connection inputs
  • Over temp feature shuts controller down if it overheats
  • Inputs for both high-active and low-active trigger signals
  • Accepts trigger signals from 3.3V - 12V
  • Easy to use buttons for recording and playback
  • Full manual / documentation included

***12V DC power supply is NOT INCLUDED!


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