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Black Box™ - Multi-Triggering HD Media Player

Black Box™ - Multi-Triggering HD Media Player
Hi-Rez Designs is pleased to introduce our 2018 FULL-HD (High-Definition) multi-triggering solid state media player. Now you can use any of our "triggering" Halloween visual FX products WITHOUT the need of a DVD, or Blu-Ray / DVD-Player. You can now run these products in 100% digital format.

The new 2018 model is absolutely loaded with awesome new features (full list below), and we've added additional upgrades that now make our HD Media Player even easier to use and added functions to improve the performance overall.

We will list just a few of the exciting new feature here:

1.) We have changed the firmware / software to a "folder structure" system - folders 1 - 10. (see #2 for more information)

2.) The most important / exciting new feature is you can trigger MULTIPLE videos now. You can add up to 10 different videos to your SD card or USB stick +1 (or several) main looping video(s) that will play while the unit is "not triggered". This looping video(s) will play continuously until 1 of the 10 trigger buttons is pressed. The player will then go to the folder corresponding with the button pressed (i.e.: Button 2 is pressed, player will go to folder named "2") and then play all the videos back to back that are in that single folder. If there is only 1 video in that corresponding folder, the player will just play the 1 video, then return to the main looping video. If that corresponding folder has multiple videos, it will play them all, then return to the looping video.

3.) Button Interrupt. If a button has been pressed (i.e.: the media player has been triggered), the media player will start playing the video assigned to the corresponding button. If that same button is pressed again while the player is playing that video, the video will restart. Same thing if you press a different button, it will stop the current video playing, and start the new video.

We were round and round as to if this was a good feature to have or not, but ultimately decided the include this feature because in many environments, such as a multi-button / multi-trigger kiosk, this is something customers WOULD want.

But you get the best of both worlds, because for customers that DON'T want that feature, we have included the option of adding a Hi-Rez Video Controller Board that will lock out single trigger inputs AND allow you to connect additional motion / beam sensors or step mats directly to the media player that will ignore additional trigger inputs until the video has completed playing on the media player. No accidental or unwanted restarts of a single video.

The Hi-Rez Video Controller Boards are for 1 input each so if you want to lock out multiple triggering devices, you would need 1 Hi-Rez Video Controller per trigger input.

***PLEASE NOTE: The Hi-Rez Video Controller Board will lock out the SAME trigger being pressed or triggered (No restart of same video while currently playing) , it will NOT lock out OTHER ADDITIONAL inputs or triggers. It is up to you to make sure if you have multiple trigger inputs they are positioned so as to not interrupt the current video being played.

The Hi-Rez Video Controller Boards can use the SAME power source that supplies the media player.

5.) The Black Box™ now comes in a black aluminum case with side mounting holes so you can "mount" this player wherever you want.

6.) The Black Box™ now comes with an optical audio out for using a fiber optic cable to connect to an amplifier that decodes AC3 and DTS Surround Sound formats.

7.) The Black Box™ now comes with an additional mini STEREO jack output that you can use a standard mini STEREO plug to connect to an amplifier or speaker system.

8.) Many MAC users were experiencing the problem that “invisible” junk system files were being copied from their computer to the SD card or USB stick that that Black Box™ Media Player was showing on the input device that were unable to play. These were files that started with a “.” that a MAC computer uses for desktop icons and system files, but the Black Box™ would see them as un-playable media files.

The previous solution was to put the SD card or USB stick into a PC computer and deleting all the un-necessary files that started with a “.” and then re-insert the card or stick into the media player.

We have now added the capability to DELETE these files right in the Black Box™ Media Player itself by using the OSD button on the remote while viewing you file list. You can now select unwanted files and DELETE them easily.

Additionally, we have also built in the feature to COPY or MOVE files from a SD card to USB stick or visa-versa within the media player as well. So if you want to use an SD card with the media player, but only have a USB port in your computer, you can put your media files on an USB stick, insert it into the Black Box™ Media Player AND insert an SD card into the player, you can copy the files from the USB stick to the SD card within the Player.

9.) Many customers us the HDMI video output of the Black Box™ HD Media Player. This gives you FULL HD picture and sound through 1 cable from the Black Box™. The main problem with using HDMI is that because it carries both the video picture and sound through 1 cable, there was no way to connect the sound directly from the Black Box™ to a external sound speaker system, amplifier or to the Hi-Rez Relay Decoder. Previously you needed to use your MONITORS external headphone or out audio output jack to connect any additional sound device.

The new Black Box™ 2018 version still has the ability to output the video and audio from the single HDMI cable, but now using a menu selection you can choose whether to have the audio output through the HDMI cable as usual OR now you can switch to have the audio output through the mini STEREO output on the Black Box™, allowing you to connect directly to you sound system or Hi-Rez Relay Decoder for all the audio.

If you want / need an HD media player that simply loops video(s) continuously and do not need "TRIGGERABLE / PROGRAMMABLE" functions, please click here: The Black Box: Looping Full HD Media Player Repeater.

Unlike "other" media players currently on the market, this media player DOES NOT have a black screen (no image) appear on the screen when the video has ended, looping or being triggered. Our player holds the last frame of the playing video on the screen for approximately .2 seconds (1/10 second) before it begins playing the video again or starts a triggered video.

The new Black Box™ works perfectly with the Hi-Rez Relay Decoder for required products. For our complete line of motion-sensors and break beams, click here.

Don't be fooled by "other" more expensive or lesser quality media players ...

If you want THE BEST QUALITY solid-state-media-player designed for haunted attraction / Halloween available anywhere, Hi-Rez Designs Black Box™ is the perfect choice!

OPTIONAL: 2GB SD Media Cards for storing your video playback files can be found here. 2GB SD Card sold separately.

  • Custom Software / Firmware by Hi-Rez Designs
  • Black Aluminum Case with Side Mounting Holes
  • Supports Video Codecs: MPEG-1/2/4, H.264. WMV, RM/RMVB, DivX-3/4/5/6, XviD-3/4/5/6
  • Supports Video Files: MP4, AVI, DIVX, XVID, VOB, DAT, MPG, MPEG, RM, RMVB, MKV, MOV, HDMOV, M4V, PMP, AVC, FLV
  • Supports Audio Codecs: HE. LPCM, AC3, DTS, Stereo dual track
  • Supports Audio Files: MP3, WMA, AFE, OGG. FLAC, AAC, APE
  • Supports Picture / Image Format: JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG
  • Supports Subtitle Format: SRT
  • Output Modes: HDMI, VGA, CVBS (Composite)
  • Video Output Mode: NTSC, PAL, HDMI 720P 50HZ, HDMI 720P 60HZ, HDMI 1080P 24HZ, HDMI 1080P 50HZ, HDMI 1080P 60HZ, HDMI 1080I 50HZ, HDMI 1080I 60HZ, VGA 1024x768, VGA 1920x1080
  • Audio Output Modes: Normal, SPDIF LPCM (Optical), SPDIF RAWDATA (Optical), Analog Audio (Stereo)
  • Supports: Auto-play startup / immediately starts video when unit is powered.
  • Auto Detect HDMI
  • Folder Select Playback
  • Supports: USB device, and SD / MCC / SDHC Cards
  • Built-in "upscaling" and "downscaling" processor from SD to HD and HD to SD
  • Continuous Video Carrier Signal / Sync with HD monitors
  • Anti-Tamper SD Card Protection Plate
  • Continuous looping or sequencing of all videos
  • Player DOES NOT go to "black screen" in between looping or triggering videos
  • No computer needed to program the player.
  • No text or icons appear on screen during playback
  • Specifically Designed for: Pro Haunt Attractions, Home Haunters, Theme Parks, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Resorts, Museums, Malls, Stores, Kiosks, Digital Signage, Art Exhibits, etc.
  • Includes: Black Box Multi-Triggering Player, 2 Pre-Wired Triggering Buttons, Power Supply, Manual, Remote with Battery, Anti-Tamper SD card Plate

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