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Hi-Rez Relay Decoder

Hi-Rez Relay Decoder
The new Hi-Rez Relay Decoder prop controller allows you to achieve the full interactive experience many of our Visual FX products and finished props can deliver.

This state-of-the-art controller automatically detects an embedded / encoded signal in any stated Hi-Rez Designs Visual FX product to trigger separate relays to activate pneumatic valves, pneumatic cylinders, lighting fx, smoke / fog machines, and more.

Use this Hi-Rez Relay Decoder controller with any of our products that state they can be used with the Hi-Rez Relay Decoder in the description. This is the ONLY relay decoder designed to work with Hi-Rez Designs products.

What makes the Hi-Rez Relay Decoder 10,000x BETTER than a standard prop controller when used with our visual fx is that the programming (turning relays on and off) is all already completely DONE FOR YOU! Many of our visual fx products that have the relay decoder signal embedded use hundreds of activation / deactivation encoding for the relays that is IMPOSSIBLE to reproduce by hand using a standard prop controller. Especially in perfect timing with the video itself.

  • Four Independent Triggering Relays
  • Connects directly to DVD Player or HD Media Players
  • Relays are rated 28VDC at 5A and 120VAC at 5A
  • Large Terminal Blocks
  • Uses 12VDC power supply (INCLUDED)
  • Connection Instructions Included

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