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PC-4 MP3 Sound 4-Relay Prop Controller

PC-4 MP3 Sound 4-Relay Prop Controller
How many times have you built or bought a Halloween prop that uses a "lesser-quality" prop controller that is 'clunky' or difficult to program, doesn't have reliable 'triggering' features, or just plain has HORRIBLE sound quality? 99.9% of the current prop controllers on the market today use the cheapest and lowest quality "sound chips" (8-bit mono or less) to play back the audio while controlling the prop ... 50% of the success of a good prop is the SOUND!

The PC-4 Prop Controller was built and designed BY haunters FOR haunters, building in all the key features every haunter would want!

Featuring: easy-to-use programming buttons, 4 full-sized relays (NO,NC,C connections), up to 10 full minutea action / programming time, 12VDC output for motion sensors / trigger, high-active and low-active trigger signal inputs, timer delay, ambient track / sound for when prop is not triggered, instantaneous "scare sound" response, and best of all - STEREO MP3 DIGITAL AUDIO SOUND!

Instead of having to connect the PC-4 Prop Controller to your computer or audio device to "capture / re-record" your ambient and scare tracks to the device, simply insert a standard Micro SD Card with the audio FILES already on the card and you're ready to start programming your prop.

Includes 12VDC Power Supply and instruction manual.
Requires a single Micro SD Card to hold sound / audio files (not included).

  • Records up to 10 minutes of relay actions in a single program synchronized to audio track
  • Easy to use buttons for recording relay actions
  • Plays back recorded program with audio when trigger signal is detected
  • Plays stereo MP3 audio track files with CD digital quality audio
  • Can play ‘ambient’ audio track when not triggered
  • Always plays full sequence before another trigger is recognized
  • Standard Mini-Stereo jack for connecting external powered speakers / amplifier
  • Relays have normally open (N.O.) and normally closed (N.C.) connections
  • Inputs for both high-active and low-active trigger signals
  • Accepts trigger signals from 3.3V - 12V
  • Select-able delay time from 0 to up to 30 min before another trigger is recognized
  • Indicator LEDs to show record mode, play mode, trigger in, delay period and relay on
  • Lock-out switch to avoid accidentally erasing your programming
  • Requires a single Micro SD Card to hold sound / audio files (not included)
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